NaNa Shoes
NANA has seen many trends and direction in the fashion industry and is known and worn by famous rock-stars and artist to very well known designers like "Sue Wong couture" who is using very successfully NANA shoes for her fashion catwalks
Boo Dallin Darian Dooley Faye
Kaida Kedma Tapan Tass Walter

I have a strange and sad disability, I have very good taste, exquisite good taste, in fact, but I am also cursed with a penurious penchant.  The manifestations of this condition include the inability to buy clothes in a mall can I buy an article of clothing, when there are 500 of the same article hanging on the rack?  Yet, buying courtier stuff would give me a stroke or cardiac arrest as I forked over my credit card?  What's a girl to do?  Seek out cute, quaint but budget-friendly boutiques.

WOW!!!!!!! This is the first reaction of all the ladies after watching the great, the cutest, the sexiest Keen footwear.

These shoes are extremely stylish and very comfy too. I wore it for the first time in a wedding and unbelievably I danced the whole night without any pain or problem. I cannot remember even a single time when I wore it and didnít receive complements. Itís a great shoe. I have it in two colors.

After that time I donít even remember that how many times I have worn it and got praised. Before purchasing it I was very skeptical about its comfort level because the price of this was affordable, but I knew that Keen shoes can never let me down, So I bought it. I wore it at office too. Some times I wear it for 7-8 hours and couldnít even feel the heel. I have even tried the designer shoe which was not comfy but this one is very stylish and fabulous. I have ordered it in brown color too as its my favorite one. I also have keen Madrid shoes which I love.

Its design includes the satin fabric uppers feature a ribbon bow vamp which gives a dazzling effect. Its soft fabric lining consists of lightly padded foot bed which is very comfy and keeps your feet soft all day long. Its sensuous heel gives it a new touch and its classic leather outsole is very good for traction. Its weight is only 6.00 0z. It is really a shoe of Wonders. Loving It!

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